5 comments on “Review: Figma SP-044: Kuroyukihime Accel Assault Ver.(English)

    • Hehe, thanks for dropping by. I really like taking her picture, she is my kind a action figure… Battle & Fight to decide which one survives… Uh, yeah, I think I need to take more shots of her wings, this review didn’t show much of her wearing those….

  1. wow you actually got this one..exclusive’s kinda pricey hahaha
    And I had fun watching the omake..poor Nobuhiko is so consumed with revenge that he can’t even fall in love with Kuroyukihime~

  2. can she swap parts (leg or hand) with figma black lotus? i think it’s cool to using black lotus long sword for this figma. thank you

    • Yes, I think she can… Because the joints on her leg/hand are made exactly the same standard like other Figmas, so they can be shared to other Figmas. It’s exactly like swapping Figma Head Sculpt..

      However, since I didn’t manage myself on getting Figma Black Lotus, so I’m not really sure this will work or not.

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