6 comments on “Review: Figma 121: Nene Anegasaki(English)

  1. wow really comprehensive review here, lots of pictures, information and even 2 languages! Hahahaha

    Although the tip-toe feet doesn’t seem to have much difference, I’m still glad MaxFactory threw that in, it’s the little things that count right? =3

    • Thanks for reading ^_^, will do more later. As for language, it will mainly in English for the 1st new review posts. The Indonesian depends when I want to add them, & in my country not many people understand English, so I have to make some for any of my friends who interest to read them.. Also, as for myself, I still have to fix some of my english, so sorry if there’s something you might don’t understand from reading them…

      Hmm… Yeah, but still they should add joints in her feet, but I think that feet she got is way too small to add the joints, right? If she have it, she should be better to have more faceplates or some small accessories like cell phone/etc.

      Anyway, I’ve also following your blog & added your link too. Thanks for following me too.

      • yeah the joints are probably too much to add in and wouldn’t look as good as a solid piece. I guess all the random accessories like phone, books.etc comes with OTHER Figmas so if you have alot of them, you can mix and match.. =3

    • I did, Actually, I have zero knowledge about her before but when I saw her Figma was announced, I got curious on her. I did some surfing including play the game to know her character. Eventually, I’m interested… Although there’s another reason but I don’t want to remember it anymore.

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