3 comments on “Review: S.I.C.: Another Shadow Moon(English)

  1. Another Shadowmoon looks really cool and the sculpt is pretty organic. Green not so cool…if i’m not mistaken the green is the exact same sculpt as Black but in a different colour?

    S.I.Cs don’t have much poseabiity so can’t expect too much out of them for that. =3

    • Yeah, besides being imaginative design, I hate the rest of the S.I.C.’s features… Yup, Green is a swapped color of the original version(Black). I’m hoping someday S.H.Figuarts will come up the idea on adapting the S.I.C. version. I think that’ll be more great.

      Thanks again for reading, my friend.

      • don’t have to thank me mate, it’s interesting reading for me. =) I should be thanking you for taking the effort to do the reviews~

        I don’t know about the whole armour swapping thing for SHFs though..the current Den-O Climax has that thing and it’s loose in some parts. Still something to hope Bandai can do and improve on~ =3

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