3 comments on “Review: S.H.Figuarts: Black X Black RX(English)

  1. Black and Black RX are really old SHFs and a part of me hopes Bandai will re-release them with a new body sculpt and all, since the current ones are way too slim~ The antennas’ thickness bugs me as well and really it should be slimmer.

    Still if you didn’t get them during last year June’s reissue, their prices are gonna skyrocket again.. =(

    • As far as I remember, they’re the first Showa Rider ever made into S.H.Figuarts, right? Yeah, with a suitable materials on some parts if they can, I kinda dissapointed on Black RX’s neck… The antennas are really bugging…
      Well, it was a real lucky coincidence for me then. However, I still found few of them in some stores… & yes, the prices gets ascended than last year I’ve bought them…
      Now, hoping for them someday to reissue S.H.Figuarts The Next Rider again… Especially Ichigo Nigo one.

      • yeap they were the 1st, and Kuuga, Agito all used similar bodies as Black and Black RX. When you compare the newer releases, both of them just look sad..especially with Shadowmoon. =3

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