4 comments on “Review: S.I.C.: Another RX(English)

  1. hmm I don’t really know if I dig the design or not. Organically it looks superb..but I feel that the hunchback is just too much to look awesome..?

    • Yeah, it’s actually odd to see the hunchback thing looked cool, maybe it was meant to show some kind of human being mixed with hopper being that used to walk crawling. This version was identic on their back having an extreme looking carved object sculpt like grasshopper being.

      Anyway, have you seen the upcoming S.H.Figuarts: Shin Shocker Rider? I think I’m kinda dig into this for photo trick but since there’s no Ichigo Sakurajima version yet, I don’t think I’d hunt that Shocker Rider. & it was fortunate Bandai included 6 scarves set in one figure, maybe?

    • They say it’s around ¥3360, I think it’s quite reasonable but dunno when it’s release… Overall, I don’t like the design, but it’d be interesting in making photo trick to make joke on people, hahaha…

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