8 comments on “Review: Play Arts Kai: Solid Snake(English)

  1. Glad you managed to grab hold of Snake there. =)

    I never really thought about going into Playarts as the reviews I heard from friends were less than glowing..however yours show that it’s not all that horrible =3

    • He’s quite hard by now… I tried to look over many stores & what I got there’s no hero but zero. Some parts was beyond from my expectations though…

      Ic… Thanks for the feedback, I’ll improve more. Next Play Arts maybe I’ll review Meryl one, if I manage to get her/ready to PO her. Saving now… Besides having this, I’ve already PO Figma Inori).

  2. Wow… this sure bring back memories…. I miss the old Snake! sure wished they made more of MGS games! JUST CAN NEVER GET ENOUGH OF THEM!!!!
    btw, this must cost a fortune! would you mind to specify? Doumo arigatou-des, Fitz-san! 😀

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