8 comments on “Review: Figma EX002: Shana Black Haired Ver.(English)

  1. Yeah i hate exclusive thingy too. If i late pre-ordering, well thats it, i don’t get one. And if there’s any after it released, the price is skyrocketing XD

  2. Wow can’t believe you got her..ahaaa must have cost a tremendous bomb! Both black-haired and flame-haired versions also seem to come with the same accessories. =3 Anways, congratulations on your loot! =3

    • Yeah… T_T Thanks, mate…

      Well, I once saw the red haired one directly in some stores, the difference are pretty minor… Different sculpted hair, color wise(hair & pendant), & extra face plate that almost resembles. The red head one has more angrier face plate than the black hair one.

  3. DUDE???? I thought this ver. of Shana went extinct YEARS ago! I’m so happy to see it again ^W^ ! btw, you’re really lucky to get her, She’s like, Ultra-rare these days! I only found her normal look, with the red hair and stuff…. :/ Take good care of her, mate! 😀 btw, sorry for being late, (school happens =_=”) and nice job on the review on her, very detailed, lovin’ it! 😀

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