5 comments on “Review: Figma 063: Lum(English)

  1. Another rare figma, seeing the results poll from GSC it would be unlikely to see her rereleased. For that you are really lucky

    • I think you’re right.. I was being too lucky to get most of my figures… Especially this one. Well, I hope they will reissue her, most of my friends still hunt these one..

  2. Congratulations, yet you have struck another rare figma! ^W^ you sure she’s gettin’ re-released? Not so sure if you look at the poll 😛 And on that note, this figma just got really-rare! xD That’s it, that’s the last straw, I’m calling you ‘Legendary Figure Collector’ from now on! xD

    • Yeah, I guess you’re right… But I’m still hoping that GSC will give another chance, because many people still hunting her so badly. Yeah, I’ve saw her in Ebay & Amazon cost very2 expensives as hell… Honestly it was a very2 fortunate fluke to get her.

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