7 comments on “Review: Figma 071: Mikuru Asahina Adult Ver.(English)

  1. Aww…. that’s too bad, mate! I was just looking forward to seeing how her star-shaped mole 😛 oh well, tis’ not your fault, mate! 😀 Anyways, back to the review! yeap, gotta love the details on her, and not to mention the highly-detailed table and chair! Nice job on the Photo shoot and the photo manipulation, as always! 😉 Overall, once again, an unremarkable job on the review, very detailed! 😀 well, non-less expected from THE VioFitz! xD

    • Ah… I’m terribly sorry for this issues… I have no idea at all how to solve this, unless I get the new one… But, it sounds funny getting the new one just for one missing part.. Yet, she’s quite hard to find & expensive by now in my country…. T_T

      Thanks for the comment as always, Amaruro-san! XD Still looking forward for your next review, here.

      • Hai-desu~ =3 sorry 4 not being active on the new posts, quite busy at the moment! xD But i promise i’ll get to it as soon as the holiday starts! 😀

    • Very thank you for the tips, mate! This is really helpful! Now, I can make my Mikuru clean if there’s a dirt on her blouse. Now, I’m currently waiting for GSC to send me the replacement left hand part for me.

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