7 comments on “Review: S.H.Figuarts: Masked Rider 1(English)

    • Well, everybody has their own taste, which I can understand. Like I said I have to admit that the color of pinky compound eyes suits perfectly to his shiny clean blue helmet..

      Anyway, did you hear about SHF Ichigo Sakurajima? I really dig on getting him, yet it’s a standard release. Can’t wait for the open PO..

  1. Well, as in for me, i like KR the Next better! xD just liked the color scheme better 😛 yeah, guess there’s not much difference between both of the riders! xD Nice job on the photo manipulation technique again, too many damn shockers! =w=” wait, did you even manipulated the photo, or did you just have that many Shockers? 😉

    • Yes! Same here! I prefer the Next color better! Yeah, that’s why I made it quickie & added more pictures. They’re almost totally the same, this made me reluctant on getting Nigo The Next… The review would turned the same like this…

      Hahahaha… Yes, I do have 6 Shocker Riders! On the pictures only to be exact… My friend, there’s no way I wanted to buy the same figures while I can do this, hahaha… It’s really fun on doing this..

      Anyway Ame-san, have you heard SHF Ichigo Sakurajima? It’s the shin version of Kamen Rider Ichigo but his colors are the same like The Next.

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