4 comments on “Review: Figma 143: Inori Yuzuriha(English)

  1. I love girls. I love guns. Putting them together only gives me the full satisfaction of both worlds.

    Moving on, Inori looks great as a figma (accessories and all) Got to love that singing faceplate.

  2. Hmm…I guess with a costume like that, being a Figma bound to have her limitations..she still looks hot though..the cut seems on her belly to be lower than I remembered…XD

    Ahaha and the figma Funnel is much bigger than the Nendo one..and even though it can’t open up and stuff..at least you have the arms! XD

    • Actually the cut was accurate to the prototype itself.. Maybe it’s just came from my photo shoots.

      Yeah, those arms actually can be used for fun, especially to grab/rub something’s delicious. But, imo the Nendo one still looked great from feature-wise, although it’s smaller than the Figma one.

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