7 comments on “Review: Figma 006: Mikuru Asahina Uniform Ver.(English)

  1. Thankfully Max Factory discontinue withe ball-edged system for the hands, if you’re not careful enough, the peg can go… ouch… snapped.

    Awww, Shocker just wanna have a kiss. THAT, I lol’ed.

  2. Ahaha Mikuru was one of my first few Figmas together with Haruhi…one of these days when I can finally get Kyon and Koizumi I will do some group shots. =3

    And Mikuru has awesome exploitable expressions =3

    • Sou da ne… Have you checked Mandarake? IIRC, Figma Kyon & Koizumi is still available.

      Hahahaha, definitely fun to use! She might an old release but that face atleast satisfy me alot.

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