8 comments on “Review: Figma SP-044: Kuroyukihime Accel Assault Ver.(English)

    • Hehe, thanks for dropping by. I really like taking her picture, she is my kind a action figure… Battle & Fight to decide which one survives… Uh, yeah, I think I need to take more shots of her wings, this review didn’t show much of her wearing those….

  1. wow you actually got this one..exclusive’s kinda pricey hahaha
    And I had fun watching the omake..poor Nobuhiko is so consumed with revenge that he can’t even fall in love with Kuroyukihime~

  2. can she swap parts (leg or hand) with figma black lotus? i think it’s cool to using black lotus long sword for this figma. thank you

    • Yes, I think she can… Because the joints on her leg/hand are made exactly the same standard like other Figmas, so they can be shared to other Figmas. It’s exactly like swapping Figma Head Sculpt..

      However, since I didn’t manage myself on getting Figma Black Lotus, so I’m not really sure this will work or not.

  3. Hi, i have one question, i have the same Figma, but it come to mi eye the lack of sticker on the front of the box, do you have any idea why the box is missing the sticker? thanks.

    • You mean the Sunrise sticker on the front box, right? I don’t have it too on this except on my other Kuroyukihime Avatar Ver. Well, according to some friend who wondered, GSC stated that some products have sticker, some does not. It depends on the country (area or district) which the product was sent from. The product which you ordered directly from their onlineshop for oversea customers has no Sunrise sticker. 🙂

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