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    • I don’t have SF series right now, but soon I’ll have 1 since I’m currently waiting for my ordered Play Arts Kai Sakura. So far I only got 2 Play Arts Kai figures, Jun Kazama & Solid Snake. Anyway, thanks for dropping by there.

  1. Very nice review! Thanks for the pictures, they’re really good! I ordered Jun a week ago and if everything goes right with the shipping I will have it 31 July. Maybe in the future I will also order Kazuya, not sure, I hope they will make more Tekken Action Figures! A question I have: Do you have to cut the box open to get the items out? Because I think it would be nice to keep the box too.

    • Very thank you for dropping by, mate! Play Arts Kai Jun is one of the few existing Jun’s action figure after Epoch one. Nice, how much you bought her?

      & if you’re going to hunt Kazuya also, you better be a little faster.. From what I’ve saw, he’s more big sale than Jun. Because, I almost don’t see PAK Kazuya at all in the local store. Yes, I’m hoping them to create Jin Kazama & Ling Xiaoyu someday, those 2 are my favorite especially Jin.

      No, you don’t have to cut the box at all, this is an ordinary PAK box with cover flap.

      • I live in Europe and I bought like €65 for her, kinda much in dollars. I just wanted her because I really am a fan of her how she appeared in Tekken Tag 2 and I liked how they now actually gave her more detail.

        (In Tekken 2 and Tag it was just a headband, white top and black pants with black shoes and white socks, and the other one costume, wich the epoch figure. I didn’t buy that one because I just didn’t like it.)

        I think they made her fighting style also much cooler, with the stances like Izumo and the other one with the difficult name.

        Then I suppose I’ll wait ’till maybe more action figures from Tekken come out because Kazuya’s not my fave, haha!

        Yeah, Xiaoyu and Jin would be nice! I hope they will make one of Lars, Lili or Nina. I actually wanted to have an action figure of Lili but Kotobikiya made figures of the girls from Tekken and one of them was Lili (don’t know if you know them) and just… I didn’t like how her face looked and I just wanted her normal outfit.
        Too bad, but yeah. Now I will get the awesome Jun Kazama!

        And I am so happy I don’t have to do that! I have a Chun-Li figure of Street Fighter IV, the one of NECA and I had to cut the box open. Sucked. The figure is really fragile, I had to put the right arm back once because it fell of, even though I was really careful. (That was a pain in the ass to do!)

        One thing I do like is that with Jun, there comes a stand with her because Chun-Li can’t do any kick poses or really much action poses because she just will fall. Chun-li wasn’t actualu that expensive so well. Stupid girl with stupid big legs. (Lol!)

        Thank you for your reaction!

      • Whoa, ic… Happy to know there’s another fan of Jun here besides me. Yeah, in TTT2 they tried to gave Jun more signature from her design-wise & how the character works.

        Yeah, T2 & TTT design feels too casual on her, they could have made those as the alternate costumes for player.

        That stance is pretty gorgeous somehow, especially how her hands works & this is one of her new signature atleast… In T2 & TTT her stance is plain boring to see, but I loved how her movelist works to play.

        Hahaha, I see… I never liked Kazuya at all here, but because of him that my favorite character Jin Kazama was born.

        Well, those 2 felt like an unseparable lover & team somehow, as I saw many of Xiaoyu’s ending & to make Xiaoyu as Jin’s loyal sidekick in Street Fighter VS TEKKEN. Anyway, Kotobukiya is currently working for their own Jun Kazama figure. Are you going to get her too?

        Ah, you mean by cut… Yes, there’s something you will have to cut from the inner tray of the box, but not the figure itself. It’s a preassembled stand, as you can see on my 3rd picture above.

        Hahahaha, stupid girl with stupid big legs, hillarious… Well, atleast Play Arts Kai Chun Li got more extras like face plate, & Kikouken FX.
        U welcome, & to you too.

      • About the new Kotobukiya figure? Well, I don’t know.. I first want to see it finished and how much it will cost and stuff. From what I saw she had pathetically huge b**bs. But I’ll see how the figure will turn out!

        Xiaoyu and Jin are so cute together but secretly Jin doesn’t give anything about her! Jin almost appears in every ending of Xiao except for her Tekken 3 ending, and Xiao never made an appearing in one of Jin’s endings, haha!

        Oh, but with cut you don’t mean I have to cut the box into thousand pieces? It’s just the stand I have to get off? Well I don’t think that’s a big problem.

        Yes, Play Arts Chun-Li seems pretty nice, but I’m not that big of a Street Fighter fan. It’s just because she is one of the well known characters of SF. I and a friend where talking randomly one time and then we started to talk about how Capcom should make like a little horror movie about how Chun-Li got her scary big legs. I laughed so hard about it!

        I also saw that on the Tekkenpedia Jun is kinda announced to be in the new crossover of Street Fighter X Tekken; Tekken X Street Fighter. It’s not sure but one of the game producers; Yoshinori Ono (who worked on SF IV) stated he wanted her in the game. I hope she will be in it!

  2. hello I am looking at buying this figure I was wondering if the scarf near her neck a separate piece ?
    could it be cut off from her or is it sculpted on

    • Hi
      Ah… Now, that you mentioned I forgot to tell this… As for the scarf, they’re made separated but it’s glued between her neck to shoulder. So I don’t think it’s possible to try removing the scarf.

  3. Hi there! I’ve been wondering all this time…. How much did this figure cost, and where did you get it?

    Because, I want to start my own collection of figures. Also, I too, am a Jun Kazama gal(Didn’t even care if I got my behind kicked countless times by her! xD) as well, and I want it so much! ❤

    • Hello! As far as I know she’s now cost around 55 (HLJ) or 48 USD (Amiami/Amazon), which means her price got dropped from her original PO price 68 USD. Maybe it’s like what I mentioned that not many people interested on her. I got her from a local seller in my country Indonesia.

      Hahaha, I see… You could try Amiami or Amazon, those 2 web provides her close to 48 USD.

  4. Hi! I’d like to thank you for this really thought-out and informative review. I’ve been eyeing on this Jun figure for a long time, and now after seeing it I may just hold off on purchasing her.

    The figure really isn’t that perfect now that I’ve seen it up close, compared to the all the pictures I saw in the past. But even though this figure isn’t, Jun herself will always be perfect! 🙂

    • You welcome !

      I understand how you feel, to be frank I don’t like how she turned out to be like this too but, eversince I like Jun & never get a chance to get her other figure/toys. I bought this & like in my review I didn’t recommend people to get her unless you’re a big fan or madly in love with Jun.

      The choice is yours. 😉

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