12 comments on “Review: S.H.Figuarts: Dragon Ranger(English)

    • Yeah, it was one of the main reason why I’m interested to get this… Well, in MMPR season 2 Tommy actually became the White Ranger. & now I’m currently waiting for my Kiba Ranger S.H.Figuarts.

    • Thanks for dropping by. Because that silver helmet didn’t even exist in the original sentai, it was originally appeared in Power Rangers Dino Thunder season where Tommy having a dream fighting his past time ranger as Zeoranger V, White Ranger, & Green Ranger. Green Ranger’s helmet was somehow redesigned by having a painted silver lines.
      Also, in the future PR show which was going to be Super Megaforce, Jason David Frank will reprise his role as Tommy the green ranger. & the green ranger’s helmet will be having the exact painted silver lines.
      But, more importantly… Since MMPR ver. lacks the Powerful Ranger parts, Bandai could have atleast added this extra helmet sculpt to MMPR ver. So each version has their own respective extra parts from their respective show.
      I really hoped for that on the begining, but Bandai gave no bonus parts to MMPR ver.

  1. Ahaha I don’t think Bandai would do that extra head part..I mean it’s Bandai!! Ahahaha anyways nice review and glad that you had fun with Dragon Ranger =3
    I’m not gonna get him but I have friends who are as excited as you are receiving him..=3

    • Hey, man! Long time no see you around there! How are you doing there?
      Well, they could add Ryuu Ranger’s extra head part, but this one’s not… & Bandai agreed to make Mammoth Ranger with Dragon Armor exclusively for MMPR during SDCC.
      Thanks, mate! Yeah, he;s a pretty awesome time killer…
      Well… It’s better if you don’t, because of his Chestplate, he couldn’t raise up his arms. You can actually remove it, but it is not meant to be remove since the instruction manual never mention about removing chestplate. I kinda dissapointed on that actually, although I had a lot of fun.

  2. I also had the same problem on the crotch joint part but mine’s on the left. And also, I don’t know if it’s just mine, the left leg is a liiiiiittle bit shorter than the right. I’m having trouble making it stand firmly and so have to slightly bend the right leg.

    • Ic… I thought It’s just me who had that problem.. I think both of his legs seems fine to me here, he could balance himself. Your legs problem is pretty much the same like my SHF Ichigo & Shocker Rider THE NEXT, but I have to open wide his leg abit to balance their standing.

      • I see, so it is not the first time they had this problem. Anyway, thanks mate! I had fun reading the omake you made. Hehe. So much hate for the MMPR you got there.

        Another, feel free to look on my flickr page. Thanks!

      • You welcome, apparently this thing still occurs to some latest products. Well, what do we expect, it’s a mass produced stuff we can only depend our luck. … If you watch Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger episodes, you’ll know why I put a lot of hate on MMPR. Mostly on episodes 17 till 22 the Evil Dragon Ranger saga.. Then compare them to the MMPR ver. Green with Evil.

        Nice photoshoots you got there, you like Gunpla, eh? Btw, from the Dragon Ranger, are you also getting the Tyranno Ranger as well?

      • I’ve seen some episodes of Zyuranger, I was surprised when I learned that some footage were from super sentai and that was really depressing. I still like the MMPR though, it is still part of my childhood.

        Yes, I’m planning to get Tyranno Ranger after my Ptera Ranger and Kiba Ranger arrived. Those two are online exclusives so I have to get them first while the price is still low.

      • I see… I forgot how did I love MMPR so much when I was a child, now.

        Ah, as for me, I’ve ordered Kiba Ranger & Armed Tyranno Ranger here.. After these 2, Mammoth Ranger will be next, then I’m done on Zyuranger. Reason to get Kiba Ranger is not because of Tommy, but I want to create a perverted scenes of Kou (Original Dairanger counterpart) to my Figmas.

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