9 comments on “Experience On Bandai Region Comparison

  1. intinya jangan mau dibegoin sama tukang dagang atau siapapun yg bilang jpn version is the best….it is all same dudes…. nice review bro…

  2. Yep, betul banget, asia or japan version are totally the same items, becoz they were produced in one place, one factory, and all are made in china off course 🙂 hanya sebagian fanatik japan toys aja yg bilang kalo beda inilah itulah, lebih flawless lah, bullshit semuanya

  3. Is the comments on quality true for robots made in the 1980’s? I have a Liveman robot made in Taiwan and can’t sell it for a decent price because it doesn’t say “Made in Japan” on it. :/

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