9 comments on “Review: S.H.Figuarts: Sailor Mercury(English)

    • Yes, 100% sure I got the legit one… Take a good look on my shf Mercury’s box & compare it to the bootleg one, then you’ll understand. Besides, I once touched the fake ones & it’s very different than mine one.

    • Well, yeah unacceptable… But, there’s nothing I can do more, Bandai just ignored my complains like nothing happened. I ain’t gonna buy a new one of course, that would gamble again.

  1. Love this review and the images, I’ve also got one of her too! 😀

    I wouldn’t worry about Mercury staying stone forever though, with luck, Sailor Moon will find her and use one of her healing attacks to help change her back 😀

    • I understand how you feel. In Decade, BLACK is weak against females but, atleast Mercury did not kill him because she’s too weak for a sailor senshi.

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