4 comments on “Review: S.H.Figuarts: Mammoth Ranger(English)

  1. I got mine yesterday and I quickly noticed the difference in the helmet between the figure and the real one. I’m not very comfortable of how the thick white lining on the helmet looks so I reduced the lining a bit and this is how it looks now.

    SHF MammothRanger

    Also, man, I hope you gotta let go of that hate you have for the power rangers. It was still part of your childhood. Sorry but I was a little bit concern.

    • Wow, glad to hear that, I’m not alone who thought about the helmet’s differences. I’m not fond either here but, I think it’s okay because the boxart photos are no different compare to the actual product that I have.. Sad is it is that, I know very little about repainting figures…

      Your touch-up is pretty nice although it’s still not close to the original, because the original has no white lines under the goggles. (shown on the photo of the helmet review)

      I still loved on PR… Actually, the reason why I bought the figures is because of Power Rangers memories. But, all those truth is still haunting me about the fact of they’re just an adaptations…

      Thanks for dropping by anyway.

      • Actually, I don’t really mind the thick white border around the visor but the long trunk that really bugs me. The white line at the tip of the trunk almost touches the white line under the visor making it look like pair of goggles, while in the original the trunk was short and thin.

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