4 comments on “Review: 66 Action And S.I.C Takumi Damashii: Kamen Rider BLACK and Battle Hopper(English)

  1. hi! nice review man.. i love the way you repaint all the itsy bitsy tiny details on black’s belt, wrist & ankle stripes and also the helmet.. i wonder when will you review 66 action shadowmoon.. is there any mod to be done to make it more detail?

    • Hello! Thanks, man.. 66 action ShadowMoon is still under repaint process… There will be 2 ShadowMoon that will get a repaint process, 1 the original version & the other one will loosely based on the S.I.C. Another ShadowMoon color with the RX saga saber repainted the same for original version to recreate ShadowMoon with Twin Sabers. Yes, there are many of ShadowMoon’s details that lacks paintjob, I’ll point out on the review later.

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