7 comments on “Journeys In Japan: Billy The Kid Steak House Toyocho

  1. Awesome!!! Thank you for posting. Hopefully I can catch Kurata-san when I visit Japan this year. BTW, I think if anyone wants to ask for him, they should be saying “Kurata-san wa imasuka?”. “Arimasuka” is used when you are talking about an inanimate object, “imasuka” is for a person or living thing. I’m no Japanese expert and I’m just trying to learn Japanese in preparation for my trip to Japan and I just came across these terms. I thought it would help your readers. Cheers!

    • Hi, Chester,Could you mind share with me are you really meet Kurata Tetsuo at Billy of the kid at Toyocho branch? How do you can meet him ? Isn’t he going to his restaurant everyday ?

  2. Hi,VioFitz, Would you mind share with me more information about you was visiting Mr.Kurata Tetsuo ?
    I am travelling to Japan next year.

    • Hello, Loo, what kind of information would you like to know?

      If you want to get into his place the steak house opens in Monday – Thursday at 18:00 − 01:00, Friday – Saturday 18:00 − 02:00, & Sunday 17:00 − 24:00. It was located in Tokyo, Koto, Toyo, 3−14−7 the nearest access is from Kiba Station (Tokyo Metro Tozai Line), you’ll have to walk 5 – 6 minutes to be there, you can easily search it with Google map.

      To meet him in there, really depends on your luck… However, just to let you know Tetsuo-Nii-san work as maybe a head cook since he’s the owner so, he might be around anytime but, you need to be aware on some event that will invite him, would make him absence from his restaurant.

      • Yes. You are right. It’s really depends on my luck. I just hope I can catch him when I am having my meal in his restaurant. But anyway, thank you for your replied.

  3. hi, may i know u visit that place on which day? do u suggest go to this restaurant on weekend sunday saturday, or weekday? cos i scare he will be busy on sunday saturday

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