2 comments on “Review: Legacy Dragonzord

  1. Ok, this more fun & hillarious to read. Anywhere thanks for sharing your Dragonzord figure & some scenes from MMPR. Hope I can see you do another scenes likes the Dragonzord doing handshake with Tyrannosaurus Dinozord after they both defeat the monster Shellshock. In Doomsday pt 2, the Dragonzord do the ‘hug’ at Megazord after its left arm was severed by Cyclopsis. Also he doing the handshake with Megazord to join the battle again with Cyclopsis.

    • Thanks again and you’re welcome. Hmmm… I don’t recall there is a handshake pose between Tyrannosaurus with Dragonzord, not even in Zyuranger nor in Zyu2 footage. Might have to recheck on it later. If using the SOC Daizyuzin, maybe it’s possible to do the handshake pose thanks to the complex articulated arms of Tyrannosaurus and Mammoth (as Megazord) but, I don’t have SOC yet. But, I do remembered during the fight between the Megazord and Cyclopsis (disguised as Dragonzord), it shows there’s a hug attacks between Megazord and Dragonzord.

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