Review: Dragon Ball Styling: Bulma Brief, Chi-Chi and Lunchi (Premium Bandai Limited Edition)


Front & Back View

Front & Back View

Front & Back View

Toei Sticker (Bulma)

Toei Sticker (Chi-Chi)

Toei Sticker (Lunchi)

More continuity of Dragon Ball Styling line on the review but, now it’s going to be exclusive release of Dragon Ball Styling Bulma Brief, Chi-Chi and Lunchi Premium Bandai Limited Edition. However, this review would likely be more focussing on Lunchi since Bulma and Chi-Chi are almost the same like the one I used to review except, this exclusive beings were included something the reguler don’t. Lunchi is a woman with a strange disorder which causes her to switch between two different personalities each time she sneezes. Her first personality is a blue haired woman, who is sweet, pure-hearted and cheerful and always ready to help. Her other personality is a blonde haired woman, who is angry and trigger-happy and commits crimes for money and is quick to respond with gunfire when angered. Lunchi’s major appearance was in Dragon Ball but, she had made a small appearance in Dragon Ball Z anime but, did not appear at all in the Z manga. Unfortunately, Lunchi is a forgotten character even Akira Toriyama stated himself, she haven’t make any appearance again until now. However, despite being forgotten there are still tons of Lunchi’s latest merchandises you can get, atleast she’s not completely forgotten lol… As for Bulma and Chi-Chi, you can find their further informations in here and here, these 3 figures were exclusive releases of Bandai Shokugan. Simillar to Tamashii Web-Shouten which only sold for Japanese and probably Hongkong, China and Taiwan market, the boxes was designed exactly the same like their regular releases except all printed in black and white color. And the promotional photos shown the figures with their exclusive accessories but, Lunchi’s box only features promotional photos of her bad state. Okay, now shall see what’s inside!

Contents for Exclusive Bulma

Contents for Exclusive Chi-Chi

Contents for Exclusive Lunchi

Removable Gun (Bulma)

Removable Arms (Chi-Chi)

Removable Gun Lunchi

The contents are mostly part of their bodies with variant accessories and Display Stand. The exclusive parts consists a pouch and alternate gun for Bulma, while Chi-Chi was included with alternate arms holding basho fan with separated piece and surprisingly, despite the box only shown Bad Lunchi photos but, she also comes up with her good version parts. Both Bulma and Lunchi’s gun are removable, same goes to Chi-Chi’s removable arms.

Attachments for Exclusive Bulma

Removable Ponytail

Movable Holster

Preview Pose

Front, 2 Side, & Back View

Cover art of “Bulma’s Big Mistake!!” in the Dragon Ball manga.

Assembling Bulma is the same like her regular version but, we need to add her exclusive accessories on her body which her pouch must be put on her torso while her alternate gun must be hanged onto her right shoulder. Like her regular version, her joint style was a peg shaped, and her pony tail is articulated & removable. Her knife holster also articulated but, unremovable. She’s the same Styling Bulma figure but, armed with more weapon and accessory. Unlike Chi-Chi and Lunchi, Bulma doesn’t have any metallic paintjob but, her coloring was based from her manga art but, not actually manga accurate as in the manga her bikini was bright army green with yellow string while her short jeans and leg bands were colored simply green. On the figure, she wears dark green with black string bikini whereas her short jeans is pale dark blue and her leg bands were colored pale brown. Her gun was colored simply black and dark brown, while the manga has the gun with simillar color to her regular version. However, there are some simillarities such as her purple hair, gloves and her boots. The figure has Bulma armed but, the real artwork manga doesn’t, I can tell that Bandai actually added her accessories just for filler part to make the figure to have more “Exclusive” feel. The paintjob quality is pretty much the same like the regular version which good enough although, the misspaint or anything are still spotted but, better than her reguler version. The figure’s material was made from PVC & ABS made, and she’s 11.5 cm tall.

Attachments for Exclusive Chi-Chi (Normal)

Preview Pose (Normal)

Front, 2 Side, & Back View (Normal)

Attachments for Exclusive Chi-Chi (Basho Fan)

Preview Pose (Basho Fan)

Front, 2 Side, & Back View (Basho Fan)

Kid Chi-Chi Original Counterpart

The same thing on assembling Chi-Chi but, she was included with extra arms with separated piece of basho fan, which you can recreate her holding Basho Fan. You’ll have to remove her original attached arms then attach the alternate one and attach the separated piece of Basho Fan onto her right hand with hole joint. This is the reason why Chi-Chi’s arms was removable even in the regular version. This version of Chi-Chi has her bikinis with shoulder pads and choker painted in metallic blue, while her helmet, gloves and boots were painted in pink metallic color. Again, this is how Bandai made her feels “Exclusive” aside her alternate arms with basho fan. Actually, there are no differences between her manga and anime counterpart and FYI… Chi-Chi has never use Basho Fan at all in the anime or even in the manga but, it’s still a good extra part to make this figure more optionable. Chi-Chi was made from PVC & ABS material and she’s 9.5 cm tall.

Attachments for Exclusive Lunchi (Good)

Preview Pose (Good)

Front, 2 Side, & Back View (Good)

Attachments for Exclusive Lunchi (Bad)

Preview Pose (Bad)

Front, 2 Side, & Back View (Bad)

And finally, Lunchi! Assembling her is pretty much the same like the other styling and you have 2 options, you can create Good Lunchi or Bad Lunchi. Lunchi only comes with separated heads and arms, there is no separated part of body. In this figure, Lunchi has fair skin color but, she tends to be more yellow-ish than the other girls, she wears red ribbon in her hair, light green belly baring tank top, shiny yellow shorts with a brown belt, brown fingerless gloves and red shoes with green socks. Good Lunchi got dark blue hair and she’s posing standing with her 1 right arm stretched down and head positioned to the side, while Bad Lunchi got blonde hair and pose exactly the same but, she was included with alternate arm posing for holding her sub-machine gun. Yes, for once I used to think Lunchi is a Saiyan because of the strong simillarities between Super Saiyan but, she’s in fact an earthling. Also, what makes Lunchi feels “Exclusive” was her Bad state parts since the parts wasn’t included in her regular version. Like Chi-Chi, there are no differences on Lunchi’s initial appearance in manga or anime but, atleast her respective option arms were more than enough to recreate how she appeared in both manga or anime. Lunchi was made from PVC & ABS material and she’s 12 cm tall.

Head Sculpt

Bulma’s head sculpt is the exact copy of her regular version but, her hair was painted purple like her manga counterpart but, she retained her 2 red bun and her blue colored eyes. Basically, it’s just a repainted version but, the only differences found is her mouth was painted a dark lining to show her smile more prominent. Apparently, I have nothing to say more on this, she was done the same way like her regular version with few changes.

Head Sculpt (With Helmet)

Head Sculpt (Without Helmet)

The same thing to Chi-Chi as well…  Another exact same head sculpt like her regular version but, her helmet was painted metallic light pink with metallic pale light pink on the circular button and the helmet’s line with blade was painted pearl white. Without her helmet, she’s closely the same like her regular version but, all of Chi-Chi’s faces was given more detailings like a blushed line, small black lining under her eyes and detailed painted open mouth. Yup, I have nothing to say more on this anymore.

Head Sculpt (Good)

Removable face, hair with fringe and ribbon

Head Sculpt (Bad)

Lunchi Anime Counterpart

Lunchi’s Good mode was probably done the same way as her regular version as well but, since I’m skipping buying her regular version I’ll directly review her exclusive version. Good Lunchi has her hair painted metallic dark blue, she also got blue eyes looking to the left and her face expression is gentle smile, showing how innocent and pure hearted she is in her good state. Contrast to Bad Lunchi the hair was painted metallic yellow, she got creepy green eyes and she’s smirking with her meaner eyes looking to the left showing how bad she is. There are some strange things from her bad state face, especially Bad Lunchi’s face got darker skin color, her eyelashes are maroon colored and if you look closely on her irises, she has straight dark lines like snake eyes which is why I call it creepy. Even Bad Lunchi’s eyes wasn’t that creepy in the anime, her irises are smaller than her good state but, atleast Bandai still captured her image close to her actual appearances. Another interesting thing from Lunchi, both of her heads has removable face, red ribbon and fringe, with this we can also swap her faces to her other hair because all of her head parts shares the same mold. The removable face was made due to attaching her heads needs another attachments on her hair to her back and it’s quite a pain attaching those peg hole on the upper back. I don’t understand why Bandai added this on her upper back, it made her looked ugly although, you can’t actually see her upper back….

Display Stand for Styling Bulma, Chi-Chi and Lunchi

Bulma with display stand

Chi-Chi with display stand

Lunchi with display stand

Like regular version, Bandai also included them a single display stand for these 3 to maintain the figure balance, Lunchi’s stand has 1 footing for her left foot & 1 peg to attach the peg hole on Lunchi’s underneath boots.

Dragon Ball Styling Candies

Of course, P-Bandai only has Japanese import so, each figure was included with 1 candy/chewing gum, the candy is a chewing gum but, I haven’t yet taste them but, one of them might already expired since Bulma was released 2 years ago. Unlike Bulma and Chi-Chi, Lunchi has white colored gum, I used to eat the one in my old Chi-Chi regular version review. And I assume they will taste the same and I don’t really like that gum honestly.


Reguler Bulma with Exclusive accessories

Comparisons on both version.

Swapped Part

Bulma holding variant gun and Lunchi’s machine gun

Bulma’s exclusive accessories are also compatible to Bulma regular version, of course they stand equally since both are the same figure but, with variant color. Bulma’s Limited Edition had more darker colored outfit compared to her regular version, I’m guessing this is part of the reason why the box was printed in black and white style aside being Limited Edition. Bulma’s right hand can also hold Lunchi’s machine gun and her alternate gun but, the sling aren’t articulated so it looks weird to see the sling hanging in the air..

Reguler Chi-Chi with Basho Fan arms.

Comparisons on both version.

Since the removable arms on Chi-Chi regular version, the alternate arms holding Basho Fan also fits to her although, the gloves looks funny if compared to her boots. Aside the metallic paintjob, there are several other differences such as Chi-Chi Limited Edition has more glossy paintjob on her hair, her cape, underneath gloves and socks was painted glossy green turquoise. Yes, I prefer the metallic colored edition better because of more eyecatching exclusive looks but, Chi-Chi’s actual outfit had never been metallic like this in both manga or anime. The only thing I don’t like from Limited Edition Chi-Chi is her knees was strangely added a yellow shading.

Swapped Part

Bad Lunchi with Bulma’s gun.

Bad Lunchi full armed

By swapping Lunchi’s faces into her different hair, Good Lunchi with blonde hair became more like a white girl with blue eyes. However, in the anime filler there is one unnamed character called Traffic Agent Lady, she has gentle eyes looks like Good Lunchi but, she got blonde hair like Bad Lunchi. This swapping part made her looks like that Traffic Agent Lady. While Bad Lunchi with Good Lunchi’s hair made her looks like anonymous character. Bad Lunchi’s right hand can also hold Bulma’s gun and we can also use Bulma’s exclusive accessories to create the full armed Bad Lunchi like or whatever you name her… Frankly, I was a little surprised the pouch would fit to her body. Since I’m not buying the regular version of Lunchi so, I’m skipping on reviewing Lunchi’s comparison.

Trio DB Gals (Regular Version Pose)

Trio DB Gals (Limited Edition Pose/Accessories)

 Due to Bulma’s bended pose, Lunchi looks slightly taller than Bulma but, I’m guessing they stand equally if Bulma standing correctly. However, despite Lunchi’s height she had smaller legs and foots compared Bulma and Chi-Chi, again they’re not mean to be scaled accurately like how they exactly in the anime or manga.


Torso and boobs


Butt 01

Back body

Butt 02

Lunchi’s boobs wasn’t big as Bulma but, she’s still big enough, Lunchi was apparently a year older than Bulma. Like Limited Edition Chi-Chi, Lunchi also got her knees and back knees added with strange yellow shading but, since Lunchi’s skin color is more yellow than Chi-Chi the shading was slightly fit although I’m still not fond of it. And that peg on the back… That’s real ugly… Anyway, Lunchi’s usual outfit surely shows many revealing, wonder how she will do if she catch a cold, she’d probably sneeze and change personality numerously. However, in the manga or anime, her tank top didn’t reveal her midriff this much. Also, it’s funny to see how different the color of her fingers between her body, her fingers was painted with more pale color. Despite her shorts was painted shiny yellow but, it feels dirty somehow….

Heh! Who dares to fight me! I got a gun!!

Bulma anime: “How about some actions?”
Lunchi: “Tsk… I’m outta here!”

Bulma manga: “How about this?”
Bulma anime: “What the… You asked for it!”

Bulma anime: “What about this?”
– Bulma manga fainted –
Vegetto: “Is something happen?”

If you already have any version of these 3, don’t bother yourself buying their other version… because they’re basically the same figures with variant color but, with the Limited Edition you’ll be given with extra accessories. Unless you wish to complete the whole line but, I’m not saying both version are not worth. On the contrary, they’re actually fine figures for your DB collections. They were done accurately to their anime/manga counterpart. But, I have to admit their status being Premium Bandai Limited Edition was way too overrated for small figures, luckily I was still able to aquire these in a reasonable price.

Dragon Ball Styling: Bulma Brief (Premium Bandai Limited Edition)



Design: 2/5

Movement: 1/5

Small Parts: 2/5

Substance: 5/5

Accuracy sculpt: 4/5

Dragon Ball Styling: Chi-Chi (Premium Bandai Limited Edition)



Dragon Ball Styling: Lunchi (Premium Bandai Limited Edition)




PART. 01

Goku Universe 07: “Please, Honey… I wanna give this to my actual sugarpie.”
Chi-Chi Universe 18: “Aww… you’re such a nice husband.. I wish my Goku-sa also sweet like you. Okay, here’s the metallic bikini for your wife.”

I don’t know you loved your wife….

Goku Universe 07: “Thanks, babe! I’m going back to my universe.”

Goku Universe 07: “GIEEEHHH?!”

Uh’Oh… Busted….

Goku Universe 07: “Hey! What are you doing screwing up my wife?!”
Goku Universe 18: “Y… Your wife?!”

Goku Universe 07: “Whatever it is, I won’t let you do as you please! This means war!!”


Wow, Super Saiya-jin God Super Saiya-jin!!

Chi-Chi Universe 07: “Honey, is that the real you?! Then who is he?!”
Goku Universe 18: “Yikes?! I realized she’s not my original wife?! I’m so sorry!!”

This gonna be rough….

Goku Universe 07: “Good, if you realize! Now, let me screw your wife!!”
Goku Universe 18 and Chi-Chi Universe 07: “WHAT?!”


Goku Universe 18: “HOW DARE YOU!!”
Chi-Chi Universe 07: “Hurry stop him, he’ll screw your wife!”

Wow! This time is Ultra Instinct Omen!!

Goku Universe 18: “No, time for a round 2!!”
Chi-Chi Universe 07: “KYAAAAAHHHHH…..”

Ouch… What a screw up….

PART. 02

Lunchi: “Over here kids. There are lots of fun stuff awaits you.”
Mini BLACK: “Thank you…”
Mini ShadowMoon: “Kind stranger.”


(Guhehehehe… You’re my slave now!!)

She gives me a creep….

Thanks for reading!