3 comments on “Review: Soul Of Chogokin GX-78: Dragon Caesar

  1. Very nice sharing. Its fun & entertaining reading your post, especially one of photo that you do the Dragonzord/Ceasar pose like in the music video scene Blackpink’s song “Kill This Love” (military salute sign).

    • Thank you! I really appreciate your time reading the post. Hahaha… That was a fluke because, it was intended for pose demonstrations to show the mobility of the toy/figure.

      • Or you can create a scene in “The Green Candle” pt 1, where Megazord battle the fake Dragonzord (which the monster Cyclops impersonate as Dragonzord) with the real Dragonzord standing at the other side while Tommy playing the dagger, since you got SOC & Legacy Dragonzord.

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