I’m a freelance Mangaka and Animator but, also interested in taking photos including collectible figure and making figure story. It’s somewhat fun to take a pictures of the figures but, still amateur photographer and photoshop editors so, I’m also interested to explore more. Frankly speaking, being a figure collector is making me sick, it’s goddamn expensive just to buy each of them so, I can be very picky on collecting figures.

I mainly like Kamen Rider BLACK and BLACK RX, Zyuranger and Dairanger (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), they are some of the only Tokusatsu that I like. However, I loves anime/manga more than Tokusatsu since I love to draw some anime/manga but, I’m also interested on games and sci-fi toys like Microman. I even collected several merchandises and reviewed them as well. Most of my collections including I reviewed are Tokusatsu, games and anime related, you can see either Kamen Rider BLACK and BLACK RX, Zyuranger and Dairanger (MMPR), Dragon Ball, Saint Seiya, Sailor Moon, Metal Gear Solid, Mario Bros, SNK series (KOF, Athena and Samurai Spirits), Street Fighter, Pokémon and several other series.

All and all, I’d like to thank to you for reading unfancy things about me. One more thing… Forgive me for my bad English, I know I really need to fix my english on my review so badly, but I appreciate your time if you still read them. I’ll be sure to improve more of my English.

Anyway… Inappropriate comments will be deleted immediately and will be marked as a spam. So don’t waste your time on spamming me an insultment or offended me, because I cannot tolerate it and I don’t want any trouble in my blog. And please do not steal my photos for your own selling or even claim it’s yours.


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  1. Do your place still sell figma sunred figure? It’s hard to find here at sarawak. If you do know anything about it, please inform me.

  2. Your fave line is S.I.C? Really? It seems that you have more S.H.F than S.I.C. :3
    Btw, are you a right person to have a toy consultation with? Got some figures that I really want recently. However the prices are extraordinary expensive. Have the funds to buy them, but still not sure enough to take them or not. May be you can give me some advices… :3

    • I love S.I.C. because they created BLACK exactly like his manga counterpart, which strangely I like that design better over his TV counterpart & my very 1st figure to own is S.I.C. Vol. 16. I think that is why, S.I.C. is my favorite line but only on Black series. The reason why I got alot of S.H.F. because they’re alot cheaper than S.I.C. now & they got better articulations. & like I said earlier, S.I.C. is the most irritating one to collect because I had alot of QC problem on my S.I.C. collections.

      It depends on the toy themself, as long as I know the line I might be able to give you some advices.

      • Thx for your willingness. Okay here we go…
        If you were me, would you spend Rp. 6.175.000 (we have the same nation hell yeah!!!) only for 3 figures that you really want? The thing that makes me hesitate is the original yen price of those figures isn’t that high actually. Their price rises sharply (around 3-4 times the yen price!) due to their limited status. So what do you think? Thx

        As for the S.I.C vs S.H.F, guess we have the same taste. I prefer S.I.C rather than S.H.F in terms of almost everything. The only eminences of S.H.F compared to S.I.C IMO are the originality & the flexibility, while the others belong to S.I.C….

      • Hahahaha… If we’re the same, why still bother talking in English? I thought I already said my English sucks, I usually reedit my review whenever I checked them. Oh, well…

        Getting 3 figures that I really wanted for 6 million? The answer is NO for me. You know, I don’t even afford to buy SHF limited Battle Hopper & Acrobatter which are around million rupiah. (Though, their price gets dropped due to the Renewal existance, I might have a chance to get the cheaper one soon)

        However, if it’s like a large figures that worth by their quality details & rare I think that’s atleast normal for collectors to buy. But still, I need to know what kind of a lines that you wanted to buy.

        S.I.C. rules in terms of design, details, & their imaginative feels for me (due to my BLACK collection series which the articulations still limited as hell), but SHF rules in articulations, QC, & their originality (feels very simple, though). However, the new S.I.C. is getting very awesome by their articulations, If Bandai plan to make SIC BLACK Renewal, I will definitely buy it with no hesitation. I just hope the price isn’t crazy…

  3. Sorry for the late answer. Do you know about Armor Plus lines by Bandai (better known as bandit)? I want to buy 3 of them which are cost Rp. 2250000, 3150000 & 775000 (Rp. 6175000 in total). All are limited with the original prices of around 8000 yen each if I’m not mistaken. If you’re wondering what figures are those actually, well they all come from an oldies but goodies anime series called Tekkaman Blade. I am a big fan of it, just like you’re a big fan of Masked Rider Black.

    Thx for your time…

    PS: why can’t I click the ‘reply’ button on your last post?

    • Nevermind there.. Oh, I see… You mean this?


      Hmm… Judging by their price & materials… I think that’s kinda obvious if they get overexpensive, especially they’re a limited release… But, are you sure that’s the only prices that you found on that 3?

      I see… I can understand how you feel but, frankly I can’t give an good advice for you.. Because, I myself eventhough being a big fan of Masked Rider Black series, I don’t want to spend more than a million just for a figures. But, tell you the truth… Before the existence of the Battle Hopper renewal, I almost buy the old one for around Rp 1.600.000 due to my big hype on BLACK series. So, I think my childhood memories already killed my money concern for not buying them. Making myself I’d eventually dare to spend a miliion just for a figures. If there’s no renewal, I might already bought that old ver. by now.

      Still, the choice is yours, if you feels like they’re very hard to find then do what you have to. Speaking of Tekkaman, do you also collecting their Figmas? I’ve heard the figma also exists, but only 2 characters.

      Me too in here… But, I can reply through my account page.

      • Great! You even recognize the line of toy that I mean. I know that you’re the right person to consult with… ^_^

        Yes, I’m afraid that’s the only price I can find. If you think it is natural for limited edition toys made of diecast to be very expensive a few years after its release, then I’d consider to order them. I’m a relatively new figure collector, that’s why it’s a bit difficult for me to make a decision. Once again, thx for your time & willingness.

        Figma’s Tekkaman isn’t satisfy enough since there are only two of them (I want the 3 main Tekkamans in the series). Besides, I don’t really like Figma due to its ‘too visible’ joints IMO.

        Btw, you don’t want to spend over a million for a figure? How about your Playarts Kais & Black haired Shana? :p Not to mention the upcoming SHFs that you’ve ordered? :p

      • Well, I once saw a line like that in some stores but, I didn’t pay a big attention on them at that time. But, I tried to get a best informations that might helped myself on judging them for you. & that is the best I could do for you..

        I see… Can’t be help then… Ok, I understand then do what you decide.. Speaking of that my friend also agreed with me on that price is pretty natural for a rare figures, so I’m not alone who thinks like that. I bet that will makes you feels a little more relieved on getting them, & he’s a seller & he knows Armor Plus better than me. Yes, the flaw that figma has was their visible joint… But, overall they’re not that bad for a photoshoot. You welcome, my pleasure also.

        Haha, my Play Arts kai Solid Snake & Jun is around Rp 680.000 & Shana is Rp 650.000 so I can still atleast afford them. Yes, my upcoming POs are definitely cost more than a million. But, the good thing about PO, I paid either half or less, then wait till they got released. So, I can save more money to prepare that day. What I mean on spending a million for a figure was like getting the old Battle Hopper/Acrobatter which is directly cost a million, I never want to buy for a price like that, because they directly waste half of my salary. However, like I said earlier… I almost buy them due to my big hype on Black.

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