5 comments on “Review: S.I.C. Takumi Damashii: Kamen Rider Black & Black RX(English)

  1. I have to say, The KR Black’s diorama’s soo cool~ @_@ It really suits him! From my point of view, the diorama looks like a rainforest-tree! xD. And as for KR Black RX, lovin’ those fancy slash part effects! The editing also looks top-notch! you have GOT to teach me how to do those kind of stuff! (hope it’s easier than the object manipulation technique!) xD Overall, yet another nice review from THE Fifi-sempai! 😀

    • Rainforrest-tree, i see… You got the point, eventhough I don’t really like it… The diorama really suits well to Black, what makes me think is a grass shape, is because he is a hopper, & mostly they used to be called grasshopper. So, I automatically thought it’s a grass shape… 😛

      Really? Tell you what, I was actually using Particle Illusion’s fx & reedit them, then put them to the photo, too lazy here since I’m too tired… Of course, it’s alot easier than photo manipulations… Except if we’re going to make our own fx in photoshop, extra work is needed.

      Thanks again for dropping by, Ame-san!

    • These guys are incredibly hard to find by now, although there are several countries that still sell them in reasonable price. Maybe you can try Rakuten or YAJ, they usually provides old kamen rider stuffs.

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